Monno have the best modellers who can make any new shape either Bone China or Porcelain, can be developed within 4-6 weeks, as per buyer requirement. We work with customers to develop their own shapes or decorations, or can offer designs from our extensive stable.

Monno Porcelain & Bone China factories are unique in being able to offer under one roof the flexibility and versatility of many manufacturing methods for various size or nature of the product. Monno has invested in modern machinery like High Pressure Casting, Isostatic Pressing, Auto Cup Lines, Auto Dip Glazing, Spray Drying, and an open firing system tunnel kilns that ensures the perfect vitrification of Porcelain & Bone China wares to produce the superior glossy finish. One of Monno’s greatest strength is Spray Colored Porcelain and Bone China. Monno is capable of producing any color that you desire. All color pigments are imported from Germany which complies with FDA & EU standards and California Prop. 65.
Manufacturing capacity is 2 Million pieces per month where Bone china is 15,000 Pcs and Porcelain 75,000 Pcs per day. Lead & Cadmium free color pigments from Ferro GmbH are used to produce the finest in-glaze and on-glaze decals that bring any designer's artwork to life. In-house Mould production and Sagger making ensures that the production lead-time is minimized. Monno is not dependent on outside suppliers for labels or packaging, which helps to ensure orders are available on time.

Customers around the world including many well known prestigious department stores, speciality and chain stores for whom Monno manufactures their own label products.

Some customers have been with Monno for as long as 25 consecutive years and Monno is proud to enjoy a close relationship with them. They work with customers to develop their own shapes or decorations, or can offer designs from their extensive stable.
Monno's talented teams of artists and designers work closely with the experienced technicians of an own in-house decal print unit. That combination of man and machine helps achieve striking results.

Monno provides employment to some 5,000 skilled and unskilled local artisans, crafts men and women.

They are encouraged to develop their full creative potential in the industry. Training is highly regarded, especially when working with some of the very best advanced machinery selected from manufacturers worldwide. Providing frequent training to general staff on Health, Safety & Environment.
Monno is a Child Labor free company where it does not discriminate between gender and has an equal opportunity policy. Highest emphasis on opportunity creation for Female employees. Full-time doctor at the in-house Medical Center and regular fire-drill practice.

Monno is a strong supporter of the environment, using for example only natural non toxic materials in its porcelain & bone china.

Monno uses only recycled pulp in its packaging; disposing of waste factory product in accordance with Federal and European standards. Use of lead and cadmium free glaze and colors as per the guidelines of US FDA and California State Proposition 65.
Monno’s own ethical and social environmental policy is in accord with that of their customers and has satisfied the requirements of all factory and ethical audits independently carried out on their behalf.

In-house testing and quality control laboratory, operated by highly qualified and skilled technicians where 36 types of tests take place in the Quality Control Laboratory.

Testing on heavy metal release (compliance with lead and cadmium requirements of US FDA and California State Prop 65); Tests for microwave and dishwasher safety; Tests for acid and detergent resistance; Whiteness color measurement and Strength (hardness) tests; Tests on thermal shock and Hot water tests; Chipping tests etc.
Monno adopts detailed Quality Assurance by engaging in-line QC inspector at every production section. Continuous Quality Assurance in different stages of Production with reference. Final Quality Inspection by regular QC team after Packing.

Monno's Designers

Design is not making beauty, beauty emerges from selection, affinities, integration, love.

Louis Kahn
World’s best designers are working with Monno since last 25 years where they have designed some of the best selling Porcelain and Bone China ranges of Monno, which are being sold by prestigious retailers in the Europe, Australia and USA.
Monno offers products in Porcelain, New Bone China, Ivory China, and real Bone China. Due to its unique body composition, made from the highest quality of raw materials from around the globe, we ensure the supreme quality of products.

Mailys Pierard

Trained in the applied art school DUPERRE in Paris, Mailys Pierard, during the past thirty years, forged a name for herself in the earthenware and porcelain world. She know how to adapt and develop designs on both porcelain and bone china. She has been working successfully with Monno for more than ten years, with many best sellers for French retail giants like Galeries Lafayette, Genevieve Lethu, EK, Zodio and The One in Dubai and many others. Monno Deco is exclusively represented in France by ETS Cressy.

Mailys Pierard
Paris, France

Samir Mallick

Graduated from the prestigious National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT) in India. His functional designs coupled with constant pursuit for excellence have resulted in designs that are not only production friendly but extremely affordable. This is reflected in his work for Pure Home+Living (DLF Brands), an Indian retails giant that has joined with many national and international brands. Samir’s Designer Porcelain made by Monno portrays latest colour trends with emphasis on colour co-ordinated merchandise.

Samir Mallick
New Delhi, India

Queensberry Hunt

Monno has been closely working with Queensberry Hunt since 2005. Martin Hunt and David Queensberry are specialists in the design of ceramics, tableware and household products and are amongst the most experienced designers in Europe. They have designed some of the best selling bone china ranges of Monno, which are being sold by prestigious retailers in the UK and USA.

Queensberry Hunt
London, UK


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